Get a Job with Good Salaries Company Aldi

ALDI is the Most Famous and Largest Supermarket Chain 

Germany is one of the most important and famous European countries fسor refugees from all over the world, because of its economic importance and the provision of many job opportunities there.

There are many job opportunities that require a high degree of specialization and experience without requiring any scientific certificate or significant experience.

It is enough for the worker to have a simple knowledge of the German language, skill in buying and selling, dealing with others, honesty, honesty, sincerity and physical fitness.

In this article, we will talk about one of the most important and famous companies in Germany, ALDI, its capabilities, the size of its work, and why it is the favorite of the majority of immigrants.

Introducing the Company ALDI

  • The German company ALDI is well known because it is one of the largest companies specialized in retail trade, and it is a very large chain of stores and reputable brands in the world.
  • The company employs young people wishing to find a job and always works to serve its customers better and more flexibly.
  • The worker can choose the work that suits him in the field of transportation, distribution and sale, as the company is considered one of the most important commercial companies specialized in the trade of foodstuffs and family supplies throughout Germany, where there are refugees in addition to immigrants and students.
  • The work in marketing services, warehousing and delivery of orders is one of the most important jobs What refugees are looking for in Germany.

Conditions for Working in ALDI

The most important of these conditions are: 

  1. Good conduct, flexibility, honesty, honesty and sincerity.
  2. Physical and mental fitness and ability to work.
  3. The worker must be familiar with the basics of the German language to deal with customers.
  4. The worker must be over 18 years old.
  5. The worker must have an effective driver’s licence.

What are the Most Important Features of Working at Aldi?

  1. The worker does not need to master the German language completely, but it is enough to be familiar with the basics of the language.
  2. The worker does not need a scientific certificate or specific experience, and the work is available to all groups.
  3. The worker can easily choose the job that suits him, as there are various job opportunities.
  4. Ease and speed of applying for work through the official website of the company.
  5. Provides a variety of suitable working hours.
  6. The company provides high salaries and adequate living insurance.
  7. The company offers cars equipped for delivery workers.
  8. The possibility of students working part-time in proportion to their time. 

Working Hours in ALDI 

The company works throughout the day, morning and evening, in the form of shifts, to put great pressure on sales, and there is no specific number of hours, but you must hurry to finish the work required of you and then leave.

The Salaries of the German Company ALDI

 The salaries in the company are very good. They vary according to the nature of the work and the number of working hours, but the worker can choose part-time or full-time or a system of hours, but in general the salaries range from 1500 euros to 2000 euros per month.

The Importance of Working in ALDI

 Working in this company is very easy and safe. The company guarantees all the rights of workers and provides them with many facilities, especially Arab refugees, as it has a strong economy and continues to grow, so it is a huge and giant company so that it does not refuse anyone who applies to work in it and holds the required conditions .

How to Apply for a Job at ALDI ?

The company has a special website where all the required terms and conditions are displayed in addition to an electronic application form .

you must specify the type of work, contract and appropriate time and register a way to communicate with you then wait for the answer after a short period and after you complete sending your CV, your certificates and a personal photo, and then you will be emailed.

In short, we can say that the German company Aldi is a German chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets, and it is one of the largest retailers in Germany.

It is one of the leading German trading companies in Europe because it has covered all the requirements of household and daily life in Germany.

Thus, this unique company is a company that is well known, and it is a giant electronic empire that is interested in the world of electronic shopping and provides work for young people who want to find work and always works to serve its customers better and more flexible.It is a very wonderful  and Attractive company .